Best Manager Ever!

Rachel is the best manager ever! Her door is always open, and she has a vast knowledge of all the things that we need to know. She has helped me greatly to grow my business! - E. Duncan

Excellent Leader

Rachel is an excellent leader who has a tremendous understanding of the complexities that arise when servicing a diverse workforce in multiple states and handling the unique challenges that real estate faces daily. Rachel is forever challenging herself to learn and grow, thus being able to pass along her knowledge to her agents. You can tell she really cares about the people she is coaching and teaching. She is a pleasure to work with and an asset to our organization. She brings her high integrity approach to all aspects of her work and is a difference-maker. I wholeheartedly recommend Rachel! - K. Stonebeck

Endless Energy and Enthusiasm!

Rachel does a superb job in managing the Old Town Alexandria office of Coldwell Banker. She is extremely knowledgeable and eternally positive and optimistic. Rachel has a great sense of humor and is great fun to work with. Rachel has endless energy and enthusiasm! - D. Wintermute

The Kind of Branch Manager you Want

Rachel is the kind of Branch Manager you want leading your office. She‘s approachable and available, doesn’t mind sharing her wisdom, and to top it off she brings her Agents training opportunities to educate and stay abreast of the trending real estate market. I truly enjoy working with Rachel and wouldn’t want to be any place else. - A. Orange

Above and Beyond

Rachel goes above and beyond for her agents and staff. She encourages everyone to be their best by showcasing Coldwell Banker Realty's Core 4 values: Production Power (her office is #1 in VA); Coaching to Confidence (taking time to individually meet with agents to help them achieve their dreams); Culture of Awesomeness (showing everyone you can have that work/life balance); and Wealth Builder (sharing opportunities for agents to fulfill their financial goals). We're lucky to have her as our Branch Vice President and friend. - G. Walzl

Helpful, Informed

I have been in the real estate profession for many decades. Rachel is, by far, the most helpful, informed, caring and intelligent person I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is available at any time, day or night. She has quelled storms, expanded options, lent comfort, solved the unsolvable, and stepped up to the plate for me more times than I can remember. She's always been a beacon of light, a constant reassuring force. I am so very grateful to have her in my life. - J. Rubin

Terrific Leader

Rachel Carter is a terrific leader, she has integrity, is honest, she shares her knowledge of Real Estate with her agents daily to help them succeed. She is a good friend and mentor. - N. Partlow